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Dustin Kendall <owner.sawyer.artist>

Growing up in rural Montana, offered Diamond K owner, Dustin Kendall a life submerged with a passion and respect for nature, into a culture where hard work was the way of life.

Beginning on the family Ranch as a young boy, the work load truly never ended. Building fences, constructing buildings, Feeding animals and digging miles worth of earth for irrigating the land right along side his dad. He learned quickly, the hard work and  dedication needed to sustain and thrive.

In Big Sky, Skiing was an everyday part of life for Dustin, before too long he was sponsored as a professional skier, competing in the junior olympics, attending a high school in NY for Olympiad Training, honing his skills and naturally was hand selected to compete in the World Cup races more than once, where he had been ranked 18th in the country. During his career his points were maintained at such a level that he remained a sanctioned skier by FIS World Cup  (international ski federation). Then winning the grand nationals, competed in the very first X games in Vermont.  Shortly after his last World Cup race, he had the opportunity to share his knowledge spending many winters as an alpine Ski Racing head coach and mountain guide. Even having his skiing photos appearing in national magazines and several skiing movies!

As spring turned into summer, Diamond K Outfitters would emerge. Dustin along side his father, Chuck Kendall  on horseback guiding pack trips through Yellowstone National Park. Dustin continued guiding until he started flight school. While there it’s no surprise Dustin excelled as a student, and flight instructing became second nature for him.

He has since retired as a Helicopter pilot, most recently flying in the Gulf of Mexico. 

No stranger to hard work Dustin truly has an unparalleled work ethic. Combine that with his passion of working in the outdoors, eye for beauty, his integrity, zest for life, attention to detail, knowledge of wood and pursuit of perfection to meet every customers needs- means superior product on each and every piece.

Working closely alongside you to ensure your dream becomes your reality, a bond forms and it feels more like family! So, come join our family and start your project today!


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